We’re Making Some Adjustments to Our Smile!

At Hatheway Orthodontics we know from experience that small adjustments can make big differences in our patients’ lives. This is why we love doing what we do each day.  

Hatheway Orthodontics has been synonymous with beautiful smiles, each created with the help of friendly and welcoming staff as well as first-rate patient care provided by leading Orthodontists.  In order to ensure we continually evolve and provide the best in care for our patients and the community we serve, we are planning for some exciting adjustments to our own smile!

Hatheway Orthodontics will soon be known as docbraces-Hatheway!  Our name and look will soon be changing, but the caring team behind your treatment will remain the same.  This exciting change will begin with a new name and logo, a new look for our social media, and a new website.  The look of our clinic will also undergo some changes, but our staff, and the doctors who treat you will remain the same. Details about the changes to physical space will be communicated to you in advance of this work beginning.

This is an exciting time for Hatheway Orthodontics!  More information will be shared with you in the coming weeks.  We can’t wait to show you all that we have planned! 

See you at your next appointment,

—The Hatheway Orthodontics Team

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